Garage Conversions Can Add More Livable Space to Your Home

Get a remodeled kitchen, bath, or family room by converting your garage into living space. You can often add 200 to 400 square feet of “home” to your house without the cost of a new addition. A garage already has walls, a floor, and electrical wiring, so the conversion cuts down on the time required for the home remodel, as well.

Why convert a garage as part of your home renovation?

Enlarge a Kitchen
Depending on where the garage is in your house, you can convert to suit just about any need your family has. When you remodel, you can enlarge a kitchen into the garage, or you can rearrange a floorplan to move a small kitchen completely into the new living space. Consider some of the other aspects of a kitchen remodel as you plan.

Gain a Master Suite
You can turn a garage into a master suite with a luxury bathroom, giving you the bedroom you’ve always wanted. Because the walls are blank slates, you can add windows virtually anywhere and add the features you want, such as walk-out patios, wheel-chair accessible bedroom access, or window seats.

Add a Bathroom
You can add a bathroom, a family room, a game room, or a three-season sunroom. If your garage isn’t attached or near the house’s main living area, you can add a home office, fitness room, or extra bedroom. If you have a relative or nanny living with you, it can be made into an apartment with its own entrance. Learn more about what to keep in mind for bathroom remodeling.

What to consider with a garage remodel/conversion.

Plan for the remodel
First assess the garage space and think about how you can convert it. Think about cracks in the floor or other issues that would need to be fixed before you start. Talk with your remodeling company, set a budget, and talk design. Follow the same remodel planning steps you would for another other renovation.

Check into Permits
Before you start planning, check with the local building inspector so you know the zoning requirements. When you are informed, you can make the best design decisions with your home remodeling company. Remember, if you do and your converted garage isn’t up to code, it could lead to major problems later on. Your local Case remodeler can obtain the permits on your behalf.

Consider the Garage Door
The garage door may look like a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity. When you remove the garage door, you will have a large space to fill. You can add sliding doors, French doors, or a large bay window with a window seat. You can also frame the empty space and install standard size doors or windows. If the location doesn’t offer a nice window view, the area can be framed in.

Decide on Flooring
Most garages have concrete floors, which are generally cold and unattractive. Many garage floors are also sloped so that water will run out of the garage door, so your remodeler will check to see if your floor is level before the conversion. If the floor is level and clean, you can use the concrete as a subfloor and put hardwood, tile, or carpeting above it. If the garage floor is lower than the floors in the rest of the house, your garage conversion specialist may want to elevate the entire floor.

Plan for Plumbing
If your garage has plumbing, you’re a step ahead. If it doesn’t, you’ll need it if you’re adding a kitchen, a bath, or a workroom. Your remodeling specialist will help you decide the best route for the new pipes. He or she may cut into the existing floor or elevate the floor for the entire room.

Add Heating and Cooling
Although your garage has walls, they aren’t insulated, so the first step is to add insulation before putting up drywall. Then your remodeler will see if you can extend your existing HVAC into the new space. If that isn’t possible, a small unit can be added to keep this “new” section of your home comfortable.

Design the Aesthetics in Your Remodel
Think about how you can make the renovated garage blend in to the rest of the house. You want it to be pleasing from the outside and inside, and you don’t want it to feel like a garage. The best home remodeling company will ensure the room is designed to blend seamlessly into the rest of the home.

Talk with your local home remodeling specialist to learn more about adding a bathroom or kitchen to your garage or about any other aspect of making your garage a comfortable extension of your home. Find a garage conversion/renovation company near you.

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