Paint Color Trends for 2013

Over the last ten years we’ve watched interior color schemes change from deep earth tones to bright, bold colors and prints contrasted with crisp black and white spaces completely void of color. 2012 marked the start of a transition from bold to soft, and this trend will continue in 2013 as we see more pastels working their way into interior spaces and designs.

pastel color trendsThis Case Design and Remodeling living room shows a number of trends toward softer colors. The light finish on the wood floors contrasts the darker finish on the chairs. The furniture and artwork are used to integrate lighter colors, while the wall color hovers between light blue and gray.

Other 2013 color trends include an array of grays and metallics that lend a modern-industrial look to a space and match nearly any color imaginable—good news for integrating pastels into your existing spaces without replacing all your décor.

2013 paint color trendsA little bit of yellow adds a lot of color to this space and brightens the room when positioned near a window. Image courtesy of Tara Seawright.

Grays and metallics have become increasingly popular in the last few years, and they can help ease the transition from loud and bold to calm and soft that we’ll be seeing in coming years.

There are many benefits of adding pastels shades to your interior color schemes:

  • Pastels complement each other and a wide range of other colors easily.
  • Pastels help bridge the gap between bold color and no color.
  • When it comes to pastels, a little bit can go a long way.
  • Pastels are very warming and even the shades on the cool side of the spectrum have a warm hue about them.
  • Pastels bring peace and tranquility to a space.

Pastels are naturally calming, and that’s exactly what our homes need to be in the modern world.

Lemon Sorbet 2019-60: Benjamin Moore’s 2013 paint color of the year

A major color trend for 2013 seems to be toward yellow. Benjamin Moore recently released its 2013 color of the year, lemon sorbet. This pale shade of yellow is designed to make a room light and bright, a paint color trend that will be permeating interior design.

benjamin moore color of the year 2013The lemon sorbet on these bedrooms walls keeps the room light and bright while still allowing blue to be the dominant color in the space. Image courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

According to Benjamin Moore Senior Interior Designer Sonu Mathew, lemon sorbet is part of the “emerging pastels” that we’ll being seeing in home furnishings, bedding, accessories, art, and of course, wall color trends. 2013 color trendsHere lemon sorbet provides a tranquil backdrop for bolder colors while brightening the room and keeping the space light and colorful. Image courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

Sunny and warming, lemon sorbet promises to move us away from the bold colors that have dominated home interiors over the last decade. While more pastels have been emerging as the backdrop for bold colored accents over the last few years, shades like lemon sorbet are becoming the main source of color in a space.

2013 paint color trends include other colors besides light yellow, but still show a trend toward lighter colors. Look for light blues and greens, deeper shades of yellow, and soft grays.

Kitchen and bathroom color trends

In the kitchen and bathroom, pastels like lemon sorbet work well against dark cabinetry and neutral backsplashes. In many kitchens and bathrooms the only feasible place for color is on the walls, especially if you want to add color or something new to a space without a full remodel.

kitchen color trendsLight yellow walls and natural light work together to warm this otherwise neutral kitchen by Case Design and Remodeling.

Kitchen color trends in recent years have included natural wood tones, deep yellows, aqua blues, and bright greens. Pastels offer a way to soften the space and help sunlight permeate the room. Bathroom color trends have always been toward whites and neutrals, providing the perfect palette for the soft splash of color from a pastel.

bathroom color trendsPastel purple adds a bit of bright color to this natural, earth-toned bathroom. Image courtesy of Slightly Quirky Ltd.

Ideas for transitioning from soft to bold colors

Neons, prints, and bold colors have been dominating the interior décor scene for the last decade. More recently colors like charcoal and platinum have been coming on board as the perfect palette for these bold designs. But suddenly it’s time for a switch back to soft and mellow.

paint color trendPastels add a hint of color to this light, calming bedroom by Case Design and Remodeling.

Before you get rid of all your bold colored home décor, think of the transition to pastels as exactly that: a transition. Next time you purchase a home item, paint a room, or refinish a piece of furniture, consider a pastel that complements your current color scheme. You can start taking the edge off the sharp solids and bold prints that may be currently dominating your home just by throwing in a baby blue accent pillow or a sea foam window treatment.

color trend for 2013This Case Design and Remodeling living room marries the bold colors of yesterday with the softer shades of tomorrow.

Because shades of gray have been integrating their way into interior spaces, you can expect to see a lot of grays contrasted with pastel shades, a color combination that works beautifully. Gray and a very bold yellow have been a trendy interior color combination that will transition over very well to a lighter yellow like lemon sorbet.

paint color trendsLight yellow curtains bridge the gap between deep yellow and charcoal gray, adding a soft, natural feeling to this light and bright space. Image courtesy of the Charles Luck Stone Center.

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  1. A vibrant paint color can help a room stand out and really show your personality. I love using different and unique colors all around my house, and this blog has some beautiful pictures and some great inspiration for my own home. Thanks for the great post!

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