Ideas to Renovate a Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens can feel cramped and small, but the right kitchen renovation designer can figure out how to make the most of your remodel. The best design will bring in light, create storage space, maximize counter space, make the room feel more open, and help the kitchen accommodate multiple users. Here are some examples of innovative galley kitchen designs you can apply to your home.


Angled galley kitchen

A galley kitchen always has parallel counters, but no one said they had to be straight. In this renovation bend in the wall is mirrored in the parallel counter on the other side, giving the kitchen a truly unique look. The compact design means that nothing is very far away, but the openness makes it accessible for multiple users.


Galley kitchen with bar

Renovating your kitchen into a galley kitchen is a great way to integrate it into a larger great room or kitchen/family room combination. In this design, the appliances and upper cabinets are against the wall. The open space above the opposite counter allows the kitchen’s users to share whatever is going on in the family room. The breakfast bar is higher than the counter, allowing visitors to chat with the chef while sitting at a comfortable height. It also hides the mess from the rest of the house while the cook is preparing meals.


White galley kitchen

This kitchen renovation included removing a wall and installing French doors which give the homeowners added light and easy outside access. This Birmingham remodeling project also added deep drawers for pots, ceiling-height cabinets, and a small butler’s pantry. Careful use of lighting, including ceiling lights, pendant lamps, and under-counter lighting, creates a warm ambiance and ensures that users can work efficiently in multiple locations.


Open galley kitchen

Far from being dark and confined, this kitchen is full of space and light. The galley kitchen opens onto an eating area with floor-to-ceiling windows. One side of the kitchen is open to the family room, giving what might otherwise be a cramped kitchen a sense of spaciousness. The white cabinets, walls and light-colored counters also make the kitchen feel larger.


T-shaped galley kitchen

This Twin Cities remodeled galley kitchen truly makes the most of a small space. By putting the refrigerator at one end, this design frees up space along the parallel countertops. There’s even additional counter space next to the fridge. Cabinets that extend to the ceiling maximize storage capacity and the microwave over the range frees up counter space. The pass through behind the sink not only allows access to the room, but also lets more light into a potentially cramped space.

What other tricks do you know to make a galley kitchen more usable?

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