Remodeling Tips You Can Use to Hide Pink Bathroom Tile

There are a lot of people living with bathroom tile colors not of their choosing. Pink, bright green, bright yellow: the color choices in vintage bathrooms are often different than those today. If you don’t like the previous owner’s wall colors, you can easily paint, but tile is difficult to get rid of. If you’re unhappy with your existing tile color, below are a few options to consider.

Remodel: You can rip out the outdated tile and take the walls right down to the studs. This creates a blank palette for any style, color, or material tile you’d like to add.

Re-Decorate: If you repaint the walls the same color as the tile, the contrast between wall and tile are not as noticeable. It doesn’t need to be the exact same shade, but it should be in the same color family. You could also consider white paint tinted with a complementary color. Another option is to go all out and paint the walls and even the ceiling another bright color. A jolt of bright color is invigorating, fresh, and fun.

Re-Paint or Re-Finish: While you cannot reglaze tile, you can paint it. It’s a complex, multi-step process best handled by professionals, but you’ll have a huge variety of colors to choose among. You can paint tile on walls or floors, but not in tub, shower, or sink areas because they get wet too frequently. You will need to paint over the grout; however, the process will make it more waterproof. If your grout needs replacing, you should do so before painting. In a day or two you will have an old bathroom with a brand new look.

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