Useful Home Remodeling Apps

It seems like every day there are more fancy new apps available for smartphones and tablets. It’s hard to keep up with them all! Here are some just a few of the apps available that can help you when you’re remodeling your home.

CraigsPro+: ($1.99) You can be the first to find that item you’ve been waiting for! This app gives you access to all of Craigslist postings, wherever they happen to be. So you can look for antiques, building supplies, furniture, services, real estate: whatever you need. You can also post ads for those items you wish to sell.

Trends Magazine USA: ($.099) This magazine is useful for both professionals and homeowners who are looking for design inspiration. Each issue profiles and illustrates a selection of homes in the U.S. and internationally.

The Home Depot: (Free) This app allows you to create a shopping list for you next visit to the home superstore. You can research and purchase more than 100,000 products and scan bar codes to compare prices.

ProConnection: (Free) This app from Benjamin Moore is meant for professional painters, but homeowners can find it useful as well. It allows you to take photos and browse through Moore’s more than 3,000 paint colors. The app also offers a direct connection to the company’s customer support.

Builders Formulator: ($9.99) Although intended primarily for contractors, this app can be a valuable tool for do-it-yourselfers. It allows you to do the calculations for a wide variety of projects, including excavations and pouring concrete. It will provide formulas for understanding resistance, horsepower, voltage and wattage requirements or for knowing how much pipe a plumbing project will require. It can also calculate the load on walls and mortgage payment amounts.

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle: ($0.99) This magazine has spreads and articles about the city’s most stylish homes, from traditional to contemporary. It provides listings of luxury home resources and a marketplace section that helps you find the items you’re looking for. It provides information about the best home professionals and hottest showrooms as well as local real estate trends. Even if you don’t live in Atlanta, you’ll find it inspiring and informative.

Kitchen Planning Guide: (Free) Useful for either homeowners or contractors, this app is a planning guide to keep track of information for future kitchen remodeling or for a project that’s underway. It tracks information about kitchen specifics as well as the family’s use of the kitchen and plans for improvement.

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