Bathroom Renovations – Expand Your Bathroom to Get the Modern Bath of Your Dreams

Renovate to Expand Your Bathroom – Before and After

Expanding and renovating a bathroom allows you to create a comfortable, relaxing, and modern bath to fit your personal style. By claiming unused or underutilized areas for the expansion, you not only increase the usable space in the bath but you make better use of your home’s available space.

This remodel from our San Jose Remodeling Franchise is an example of how renovating to expand a bathroom can open it up to new possibilities.

The master bath in this home was original to the home but was outdated and reflected 80s styling, from the wallpaper to the dropped ceiling.

Our team of bathroom renovation specialists removed a partition wall and door at the far end of the bathroom to open up the room and allow light to penetrate every corner. In addition, we captured a linen closet from the hall and part of a closet from an adjacent bedroom, which allowed us to increase the size of the room. (The added space also allowed for a new walk-in closet, not visible in photos).

To make the room feel even brighter and more open, we renovated the bathroom to remove the dropped ceiling and dim lights and added recessed lights and soft-white lights above each sink. A large window was added above the toilet and lights were added above the tub and shower.

To increase storage space, the dingy white cabinets were replaced with new custom cabinetry. The new cabinets make use of vertical space by adding a cabinet and additional drawers.

The wallpaper was removed and the walls were painted beige. Crown molding was added to the ceiling and painted bright white. Finally, the vinyl flooring was replaced with stone tile.

An old, oversized bathtub with shower combination didn’t work efficiently and was replaced with two separate fixtures.

A new modern jetted spa tab was added with recessed wall storage, and the plumbing was moved to accommodate the design. The square white ceramic tile was replaced with a larger sand-colored stone tile and darker accent tile.

The separate shower includes two glass walls, which help increase the sense of space, and the sand tile from the floor and tub flow into the shower and up to the ceiling. Multifunction showerheads were also added.

Are you ready to renovate and expand your bathroom? One of our Case Bath Renovating teams will help! From adding new fixtures to claiming unused closets, you will get a bath you love that better fits your needs. Some bath renovations include:

* Patching damaged drywall and painting * Installing mirrors or medicine cabinets * Tiling or painting the walls * Adding crown molding and trim * Adding built-in cabinets * Adding new vanities and countertops * Installing new sinks, faucets, and knobs * Removing and replacing toilet * Adding or removing walls * Replacing tubs * Adding walk-in showers * Rearranging fixtures * Moving doors * Adding new light fixtures or recessed lighting * Turning closets into showers

We’ll lead you through every choice, and we have the expertise to help you make the right decisions for your home. Find an individually owned and operated Case bath renovation company near you to get started.

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