Remodeling for the Family Pet

Every once in a while I get a request to remodel a home so that it’s pet-friendly. That shouldn’t be surprising; after all, it’s estimated that 73 million dogs and 90 million cats live in U.S. households. Doing renovations for your pet may sound like some pet owners are being overly indulgent, but remember that taking your pets’ needs into account can also makes life easier for you. If you can put the litter box in an out-of-the-way location or find a convenient way to bathe the dog, your house will be better suited to your lifestyle.

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Bathroom Renovations and How to Select a Soaking Tub

Soaking bathtubWhen you want to create a spa-like environment during your bathroom renovation, soaking tubs are a natural choice. Inspired by ancient Roman baths or Japanese bathing traditions, soaking tubs allow more of the body to be covered in water, all the way up to the chin with some models! Many also come with special insulation that allows the water to stay hot longer. Continue reading