All About Room Additions

If your home is getting cramped, you are probably thinking about ways to expand it that will improve the house’s livability and allow you to stay in your current neighborhood. Many of my customers automatically assume that they want a room addition, but that isn’t always the best option. I always work with them to see if it’s possible to achieve their goals by reconfiguring the existing space or using other methods that are less expensive.

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Whole House Remodel

Sometimes a client’s remodeling needs can be addressed with a kitchen renovation or by putting on an addition. However, sometimes there are many different parts of the house that need to be addressed; that is when it’s time for a whole-house remodeling project. The homeowners may be envisioning something small such as a basement renovation or kitchen remodel, but then it becomes apparent that the problems they want to solve are best addressed by looking at the house as a whole. Continue reading

Hardscape Design for Driveways and Walkways

Many people consider walkways and driveways as afterthoughts, which are added after the home is complete – and many people have plain asphalt driveways and ordinary concrete walkways. But driveways and walkways can be more than just a way to get from point A to point B without wet feet or stuck cars. Many of the hardscape pictures that follow take the home’s architecture as a starting point for the design, mirroring the color, style, and materials of the house. Walkways and driveways help to set the tone for the entire property and serve as an introduction to your house. Continue reading

Options to Finance a Home Renovation

When I meet with prospective clients, the first question they ask is “how long will it take?” and the second is “What will it cost?” I actually think the second question is more urgent to most homeowners; they’re just too polite to ask it first – or too scared. Here at Case Design, my team and I do everything we can to provide high quality service while controlling costs. However, the fact remains that remodeling can be expensive and few people can afford to pay for it from their savings. Continue reading

Back Deck and Patio Design

Often a home’s patio or deck is an afterthought tacked on by a builder next to the home’s back door, but as the place where the indoors transitions to the outdoors, these spaces deserve to be treated with more respect and designed with more attention to detail. As the pictures below illustrate, outdoor spaces can be so much more than an afterthought. Today many homeowners see their patios and decks as “outdoor rooms,” which are great places to relax as a family or to entertain guests. Continue reading