Remodel Your Small Bathroom – Make it Roomier and Add Storage

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to mean expanding  the room to add extra square. If structural considerations require you  to keep your bathroom the same size, remodeling choices can make a tiny,  cramped, or dark bathroom feel more spacious.

If you already know what changes you want to make to your bathroom, of if you’re ready to talk to a professional, find a bathroom remodeling company near you. If you’re still researching and making your plans, here are a few options:

Add More Light Make your bathroom feel bigger by adding natural light. Brighter rooms  feel more spacious. Install skylights, add a new window, or enlarge  current windows. You can add high-quality lighting fixtures to strategic  locations to fill in where natural light can’t reach. Remember, too,  the classic trick of using mirrors to reflect light. Painting a bathroom  a lighter color can also bounce more light into the room.

Shrink Your Sink Don’t allow a sink to take up more space than necessary. Some  manufacturers make fixtures that are sized for smaller bathrooms. When  you’re planning your bathroom remodel, look for extra-small sinks or  ones designed to fit into corners. Hanging the sink or vanity on the  wall can also make the room feel less crowded.

Choose a Smaller Toilet You may not need a chair-height, elongated toilet. You can find toilets  that are specially made for tight spaces. You can also move the toilet  closer to the wall, which occupies less floorspace. Shorter toilets or  those with a lower tank will also feel like they take up less space.




Pick the Right Bath or Shower

Small size doesn’t mean uncomfortable fixtures. Remodel your bathroom  with a tub specifically created for small spaces. If you like a nice  soak, you can still achieve that effect by buying a tub with a higher  rim, which allows you to have a deeper bath. If you opt for a shower,  which often fits more readily into small spaces, choose a glass  enclosure. When you can see from one bathroom wall to another, it  expands your sense of space. This also removes the “room shortening”  effect of an opaque shower curtain.



Install Invisible Heat Your older home may have a radiator or floor vent that takes up precious  space. You can remove these and install under-floor radiant heat, which  heats effectively without using valuable floor space. Radiant heat is  also more energy efficient and generally saves you money.

Add Adequate Storage Storage doesn’t have to mean a vanity or closet. Think about going  vertical. Tall skinny shelves won’t take up a lot of floor space and can  even hang from the wall, occupying upper wall space which would  otherwise be underutilized.  During your bathroom remodel is the prefect  time to install built-in shelves between wall studs. The shelves can  add useful space above a toilet, on an empty wall, or even within the  shower.  If you choose to add open shelves to the wall, use glass, which  allows light to come through unobstructed.

Keep it Clean As you remodel your bath, keep in mind cleaning. Ensure you have enough  floor space between the toilet and tub or vanity to maneuver a mop. Make  sure you can fit a cleaning cloth between the faucet and the wall.  Ensure you have unobtrusive storage near your sink so it or the vanity  doesn’t become cluttered with toiletries. Take 30 seconds each morning  after your hair is brushed and your face is washed to wipe down the  counter, the faucet and handles, and the mirror. Nothing helps your  newly remodeled bathroom feel bigger, brighter, and fresher than a nice  smell and clean fixtures.

Specific Considerations See a real example of how changing the look of a small bathroom can open it up.  Are you ready to get started on your small bath remodel? Find a local bathroom remodeling company near you today. Our remodeling and design specialists are ready to help.

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