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Spa Bathrooms – A New Trend in Modern Bathrooms

Purely utilitarian bathrooms are a thing of the past. Today’s trend of bathroom renovations can add space, style, and comfort to what was once a small, cramped room, turning a bath into a spa-like retreat.

Bath renovations include expanding the size of the rooms or rearranging the fixtures to make the most of the floor plan. Pushing out walls and borrowing space from low-traffic areas of the home can add enough square footage to not only give you your own personal spa but to instantly increase your home’s value.

Remodeling the bath can also include adding larger and additional fixtures. Separate showers, dual-sink countertops, garden or jetted tubs, and bathroom furniture create zones of comfort which allow more than one person to get ready for work or clean up after a day of gardening.

Decorative fixtures transform the space into a more comfortable and stylish area. Above-the-counter sinks, built-in-cabinetry, high-end tile choices, and contemporary color palettes lend an air of luxury. Bathroom designs today also include more color by way of hand-painted sinks and dual wall paint color schemes.

According to an American Standard Bathroom Habits survey, 30% of Americans would be willing to spend more than $10,000 to renovate their bathrooms into the ultimate dream space. From a new whirlpool tub and color updates to a full renovation or expansion, bathrooms can be adapted to fit the routine of today’s families.

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  1. The bathroom looks exquisite, especially the bathtub…I simply love it. The French windows somehow complement the whole bathroom and makes it so serene and peaceful. Love the design!

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